The roof of your home is extremely important. When hiring a contractor it is wise to never cut corners and sacrifice the integrity of your home. A bad roof job or a ‘cheap’ roof job almost always leads to problems. Here at B.Davis we do not cut corners, we use quality products and use the best under-layment to assure no leaks will enter your home. We use ICE & WATER SHIELD to protect around chimneys, valleys and pipe/vent holes or even low pitched roofs. We also use a product called RIDGE VENT which is a 4′ long vent that is applied to the ridge gap at the top of your roof, the ridge vent is a more efficient manner of circulating air throughout your roof system. Proper circulation of the air is important and helps regulate house temperature as well as preventing buildup of moisture in hot humid weather, the moisture that builds up will eventually cause ice dams, and leaks from your attic. There are a plethora of complications that stem from improper roof ventilation, we always find it both looks better on your roof and does much better to protect it. These are some of the things to consider when you are looking to replace or repair your roof. Roof leaks can cause many more costly problems, and unfortunate for some home owners, cutting corners and hiring contractors who use the cheapest material or hire installers who are not critical thinkers or seasoned; will cost you more in the long run. Everything we do, we think and we are  prepared for almost all problems, which is why we have a successful company that takes pride and integrity in any phase of home remodeling.